Gamelon. A very small nation found in Germany.

is a small nation near Germany created by the ancient residents of Hyrulian fields who were not interested in obeying King Dinner.

Some history

Despite being very small Gamelon had the strongest army in the world during the medieval times. This was probably because Gamelonian knights had shotguns unlike their neighbours with swords. They scared the stuff out of Germans, Hyrulians and even took over Britain. They were kicked out there quickly but Gamelonians already stole lotsa rupees.

When Hyrulian Civil War started, Gamelon supported the East Hyrule to steal their money later. They sold all their shotguns to Morshu to earn more rupees but the next day Ganon invaded Gamelon. Without any weapons Duke Onkled, current leader of Gamelon, had to ask King Harkinian to aid him. King Harkinian arrived in Gamelon peronally but was captured by The Evil Forces of Ganon. Month later Link was captured. Then Zelda killed Ganon (good) and liberated all the country.

Since then Gamelon is under strong control of West Hyrule. Duke Onkled became King's personal slave and has to scrub all the floors in Hyrule. He tried to unite with Ganon to assassinate The King but failed miserably.

Squadala Empire also wanted to conquer Gamelon but it was really boring so they didn't.

Some People who live there

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