The Game Boi Color is a shaming system created by King Harkinian for Nintendo. It was designed for Game Boi shames to be in color.


The Shame Boy was made in 1999 by King Harkinian. It never was supposed to made, but was anyway. In 2002, king Harkinian wanted to stop making them when it shot him in the face. He later banned them. It was also cheap and didn't have a lot of games. Of course he wanted to ban them.


I like the way it looks


It became really popular, especially around Teletubbies and n00bs. Discord almost died when it shot him in the groin. He sued Mama Luigi and Skips, and banished them to Meme island. Later, ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ played it but threw it was away when it killed W. Eventually it was recalled, but Mama Luigi still has several in a secret stash.

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