Gabe: The Movie Is A Movie Based On Gabe And His Epic Battle With Nick Jr. Staff. It Is The First Movie To Be Directed By Gabe. It Was Released On April 1st 2018. And It Is Rated 15,


The Movie Begins In 2012. Gabe, A Young Kid, Is Fighting Justin Beaver In An Alley. After Two Minutes Justin Beaver Is Defeated. But When Gabe Is About To Kill Him He Finds BBC, Who Tells Him That Nickelodeon Needs His Help.

So He Travels To Nickelodeon HQ Where He Also Finds Yahoo! BBC Tells Gabe That Nickelodeon Is Under Attack By Dora The Explorer And Nick Jr. Staff. Gabe Is Told By Yahoo! To Download An App Called QuickMove. Gabe Is Confused But He Downloads The App Anyway.

As Soon As He Tracks Down Dora On The App. He Is Magically Transported To The Moon Where He Finds A Dying Comedy Central, So He Heals Him, So The Two Of Them, Along With Cartoon Network Attack Nick Jr. Staff.

Dora Sends In Reinforcements In The Form Of The Teletubbies. Several In Which Are Already Killed, However, Dora Then Sends In Tinky Winky And He Kills Cartoon Network. And To Make Matters Worse, Dora Has Sent In Google, Who Is About To Kill Gabe, Until The UnAnything Team Show Up And Distract Dora.

Dora Is Then Attacked And Killed By Gabe, While The Others ( Yahoo, Nickelodeon And BBC) Show Up To Reinforce Gabe And Take Out Google. While Nick Jr Staff Attacks Captain 0.

Gabe And Comedy Central Team Up To Take Out Nick Jr Staff While The UnAnything Team And The Others Kill Several Teletubbies. Nick Jr Staff Goes For The Kill On Comedy Central When Gabe Goes After, And Eventually, Kills Nick Jr Staff.

After The Battle, Nickelodeon Announces That Gabe Is The New Owner Of The Company. The Screen Than Goes To Black As Gabe Is Talking On The Podium.


This Is Widely Regarded To Be The Best Movie Of All Time. It Was So Good That Chuck Norris Bought A Whole Cinema To Himself, Just To Watch Gabe: The Movie. Truly Incredible. Citizen Kane And Saving Private Ryan Don't Have Anything To Gabe: The Movie. It Is So Far The Only Movie To Be Rated Over 10/10.

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