Gumi before she died. AVERT YOUR EYES!

Gumi is another Vocaloid freak who is even deader than Hatsune Miku. She lived a very short life.


Living in Japan and having weird green hair, Gumi was a homeschooled moron who liked to sing. However, she was an alcoholic, so due to always being drunk, she thought her voice was not perfect. So, she found out about Scientist-san, the creator of the Vocaloid weirdos, and begged for him to turn her into one of them because she wanted to sound her best. Somehow, she thought the doctored-up Vocaloid voices sounded good. She them became friends with all the other Vocaloid guys, especially Miku. Then, August 18, 2010 happened, she became Matryoshka Gumi, and then...SHE DIED. That's all you should know. Before she died, she requested for us to keep her personal information private.

But, since she's dead, we don't have to anymore. She won't see this wiki. That's how we know so much about her. In fact, if she was alive, this page and the Matryoshka Gumi page wouldn't even exist!


See the Matryoshka Gumi page if you wanna hear how she died.


  • Somehow, she is actually LIKED by morons. Maybe it's because Gumi was a moron just like them.
  • Her voice was recorded and given to Scientist-san's daughter Haruko to use to record new songs. This is also why Billy Mays hates her as well as killing her.
  • Alt 2.0 revived her as a Pop'n Music character in 2013-ish to get revenge on her for creating the Matryoshka song with Miku, but Gumi died again because Pop'n Music is stupid.
Pop'n music Sunny Park 十面相 EX

Pop'n music Sunny Park 十面相 EX

Gumi appearing in Pop'n Music. This is EXTREMELY RARE footage found deep in Alt 2.0's files.

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