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Full name: Garry Man
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Mansexual
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Cyan
UnBirthday: 4/20
Home: gm_construct, cs_office
Likes: Doing random stuff
Dislikes: Conformity
Occupation: Chaotic Businessman
Powers: Stasis, Teleportation, God mode, Cloak
Alignment: Chaotic Good
UnRank: 900,000

G-Man is a chaotic guy who likes destruction and putting people into stasis to sometimes use them as weapons. He also has many types of guns.

He also has a shame about him called Garry's Mod



G-Man's signature ability, it allows him to indefinitely put people to sleep for various reasons. Also can do the opposite effect and freeze everyone except for him and anybody he chooses. Surprisingly, he has never put any Undefeatable into stasis either. Maybe because he can't, or maybe because he chooses not to.

G-Man putting Peter Griffin into stasis against his will

God Mode

This power was discovered via Gordon Freeman's attempts of shooting him in Full-Life. It allows him to not DIE.


It allows him to teleport him and another person to any location in the UnOmniverse he wants.


Allows him to mask himself and anyone he chooses from everyone else's vision. Really useful when he wants to act like a ninja. You can never prove the absence of G-Man, only his direct presence.


Throughout the years humans have tried to find out who his employers are, so far they have come to the conclusion that it's the Upper Counsel of Undefeatables, Satanist Empire, or Infinity Army. Since he's not an Undefeatable people argue he works for the other two, however by that same logic the Upper Counsel wouldn't want to expose themselves as his employers. The G-Man however openly hangs out with all groups and even some non-related ones like the Seven Deadly Sins and Bowser Army.

People who G-Man has put into stasis

And more!

People who are still in G-Man's stasis

  • Adrian Shephard
  • Splat Tim
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