This is Görcho. Fear him!

Görcho is a Teletubby thing created by Dipsy in order to cause chaos around the world. You see, Dipsy wanted to create a Teletubby without the means of reproduction, because Teletubbies don't have the time to do the do with eachother. They want to see the world burn, and not be love machines (If you know what we mean.).

Unlike the Teletubbies, Görcho has a ball shaped body/head, with a spider-like antenna on top. He also has freckles, which is odd for his kind. He still has that Tummy-TV, though.

Görcho does not like being seen on TV, so he hides far away from cameras. That's why you don't see him that much on Teletubbies (TV Series), and Teletubbies (2015 TV series).


  • Dipsy used 50% of Teletubby DNA and 50% of Pink Guy's DNA to create this monstrosity.
  • Görcho does not like Tubby Custard, nor any of the other Tubby Foods (even though he's immune to its' deadly tastes). He prefers Teletubby Land Bunnies to eat.
  • The black "claws" on Görcho are painted on.
  • Because of his appearance, some people think Görcho is related to the Telotubs. Dipsy would say otherwise.
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