Fusion-Machine 9000 is a vegeta approved machine

The Fusion-Machine 9000 at work.

The Fusion-Machine 9000 is a machine that can combine two characters and produce a new character with a mix of both characters abilities and his/her or it's own looks. It is NintenDON'T's cheap rip-off version of the Wa-Machine.

Why it was invented

This is a machine invented in the year 9000 by NintenDON'T. For whatever reason one day, the leader of NintenDON'T thought that it would be a good idea to invent a machine that could combine people and their abilities to create new people easily. This machine was created very recently so only one Fusion-Machine 9000 exists. Anyway, it took one decade to create. This made NintenDON'T very satisfied. Instantly after it's creation it was approved by OVER 9000 (A.K.A Vegeta).

What it has created so far

One month after it was created WaWaluigi stole it and used it too create an insane being named Zeegee. Sadly Zeegee was it's only creation. A day after that NintenDON'T stole it back.

At the end of time, Somebody will steal it from NintenDON'T, somehow kidnap both NaN and Thanos, and then put them both in this machine to make Dimentio.

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