This is the sixth episode of the new Teletubbies TV show from 2015.


The episode begins with a flashback to Fun with Guns III: Jebus Wants Blood!, where Jebus Khrist makes it rain guns and ammo and the Teletubbies take it too literally. Then, the episode cuts to the present, where Jebus is pacing the Supreme Cork, seeking revenge on the Teletubbies for being evil idiots and killing themselves constantly. He notices Alt 2.0 for the first time and mistakes her as a TV falling into a volcano. Glad that (he thinks) the Teletubbies threw their TV into a volcano, he comes to Teletubby Land and is honestly glad to meet Alt 2.0 - after all, she has a computer brain and isn't as dumb as the other Teletubbies, but she's still just as evil. Perfect.

Meanwhile, the Teletubbies are in Home Dome, where they noticed a "present" the Weldos left them in the Storage Room - some new guns. They decide to have fun with the new guns, shooting themselves and even the Tiddlytubbies. Jebus cuts the intelligent conversation he and Alt 2.0 are having short when he hears a gunshot coming from Home Dome. He barges in and notices the Teletubbies playing with the even better and more destructive guns they found. Alt 2.0 later follows. While Jebus is annoyed, Alt 2.0 finds the whole idea of playing with guns fun - she grabs a caliber rifle and shoots Po. Po shoots her back. Jebus gets extremely angry, so Dipsy decides to shoot him. The other Teletubbies join in. They finally killed Jebus Khrist.

Is their work done yet? NOPE! Jebus comes back to life, is angered even more, and summons a GIANT gun which uses the Teletubbies as its ammo. The episode ends when the Voice Trumpets hold a funeral for the Teletubbies.


This episode made kids nostalgic with the flashback to the original show, but parents hated it just as much as the rest of the Fun With Guns episodes. 'Nuff said.


  • This episode is the fourth episode of the Fun With Guns series.
  • Some guy on the Mixels Wiki actually DID mistake Alt 2.0 as a TV falling into a volcano.
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