From swearing to killing is the 7th episode of Barbapapa (1998 TV series).

From swearing to killing


The episode starts with the Barbapapa channel flicking in the hanging out room of the house. They spot a Mann Co. advert for guns, and immediatley decide to get all the guns they can find. Barbabright rummages through garbage, Barbazoo robs a Mann Co. store, Barbalib builds some himself, and Barbabravo kills a bunch of gangsters and takes theirs. All the Barbapapas are proud with their haul, and show off all their guns to each other. However, they get in an argument about who has the best guns, and then decide to find out who has the best guns by shooting things. Barbabright shoots stuff in the house, which Barbabeau then has to clean up, and then shoots Barbabeau.

Barbalib meanwhile, is testing his death ray on some Teletubbies. The death ray kills the Teletubbies, but it goes right through and destroys everything in it's path, until it leaves the atmosphere and eventually reacts with a black hole on the other side of the universe, causing a massive explosion which destroys E.T.'s home planet. Elsewhere, Barbazoo is gaurding him Weekend Pickles, when Barbabravo sneaks up to Barbazoo in a box and kills him. Barbabravo then takes Barbazoo's guns and uses them to kill Barbabright and Barbalib, who are arguing over who has the best guns. Barbabravo then celebrates by shooting into the air, but all the bullets come back down and kill Barbabravo. The episode ends with a shot of the Barbapapas' corpses.


Parents hated this episode because it was crazy, unsafe and violent. Children loved it for the same reasons.

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