Frollo Lazer


Frollo is an overpowered french magician who controlls the unlimited powers of FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE!!! Awesome. Oh, and by the way he also rules France.


Frollo was born in a huge and rich communist family. He had at least five twin brothers. When Napoleon Bonaparte found that Frollo's parents were communists they had to escape to Soviet Russia where they were shot by russian soldiers for trespassing the borders. Frollo's brothers were sent to different countries where they became BRUTHA LAYDEEZ.    

Frollo was raised by a group of ancient french monks. They taught him to believe in god and burn everything. Frollo perfected fire magic and killed the monks with fire. Awesome.

Frollo went to Paris College where he met a dude called Gaston. Gaston kicked Frollo's arse and than Frollo burned Gaston's hair. Awesome. They became frends and started to watch anime and play videoshames together.

In the age of 26 Frollo burned down all the Paris to kill one girl. He was sent to The German Prison as a complete psycho. He had to spend there 9000 years. However Adolf Hitler declared war on France and Frollo's skills became very useful in the war. But French failed anyway. Frollo had hidden himself in the cathedral for 20 years untill he realised that war was over.

He burned down all the Paris once again later and became the leader of France. Recently Gaston kicked his arse once again and became second-in-command.

Currently, he plays World of Warcraft all day long and wants Shigeru Miyamoto to tell him why he has constipation. (Dinner Warrior reference)



One day Frollo died. He was murdered by Gaston's punch. Frollo respawned himself later.

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