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McDonald's fries

Fries also known as Chips are yellow sticks that people can eat. McDonald's sells these and is famous too aside from Big Mac and the Chicken Nuggets

Her normal look


They are popular and is sold at the Krusty Krab as well as Krabby Patties. They are famous, but they will never be more famous than the big mac. Sometimes, McDonald's workers make fries poisonous for bad guys who try to rob the place. WaLaa-Laa once worked at the place and some bad guys tried to you know what and WaLaa-Laa ran out but after she was gone, they made poisonous chips and killed him. Bowser uses them to kill Mario and fails. So There very unpopular, And As Blake Helper.


Fries after not shaving for a week


She died in 4061, because of Pennyey.


Revived in 5043, because of Googolplex. Is now part of the Satanist Empire anyways.

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