【ニャッピーローラ ひかり】 GET DOWN ゲッダン GEDDAN

【ニャッピーローラ ひかり】 GET DOWN ゲッダン GEDDAN

Gotta Geddan on Friday

Friday is a song from 2011 by Rebecca Black. When it came out, the Asatruars got mad because Friday is Freyja's special day. It is special to Freyja because when she gets off work, she doesn't have to work again until next week. Rebecca Black likes it for the same reason.

The song was made when Rebecca Black's parents wanted to start an Internet meme, so they paid a company to record a song and music video of their daughter. Then, as was part of the plan, Rebecca broke international copyright law by posting it on YouTube, while her parents oppposed SOPA legislation. Then it became a meme.

The song also holds special significance in Teletubby Land, as it was a signal for the Teletubbies to get down into their fallout shelter. (The nuclear winter started on a Friday.)


The song started a trend of singing about days of the week.

  • "Sunday": This one made Christians angry because Sunday is the Christian holy day.
  • "Monday": This one made capitalists angry because Monday is the day they get their proles back.
  • "Tuesday": This one made no one angry because it's so awesome.
  • "Last Tuesday Night": Someone also made a song about a Tuesday in the past.
  • "Wednesday": Someone unimportant made a song about Wednesday.
  • "Thursday": The song about Thursday was on TV so it must be important.
  • "Friday": Some unoriginal guys named Zach and Jon made a song about Friday.
  • "Last Friday Night": Katy Perry made a song about doing bad and lewd things on a Friday in the past.
  • "Saturday": Even Rebecca Black got in on the act.
  • "I Gotta Feeling": This trend even persisted into 3008 when a The Black Eyed Peas cover group started writing their own material. Before they could record it, they got sucked into a freak black hole and transported back to the late 1980s. After seven years of looking for work, they realized that they didn't have any skills that would still be practical back in the 20th century. Other than singing The Black Eyed Peas covers. So they started playing The Black Eyed Peas covers, only everyone thought they were the original band. Anyway, this song is relevant because it has the days of the week in it (wrongly). By the 31st century, everyone had forgotten the proper order of the days of the week.
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