Freddy Mon

This is a HD image of Freddy Mon.

Freddy Mon is not to be confused with cheese.

Freddy Mon is widely known for flying away from his kind's native home in Hell, to go and live by some waterfalls in Teletubby Land. Lanky, his pet hullabaloo, is well known for climbing trees and spying.

But what most people do not know, Fred was recently found playing with Noddy in Toyland. The Teletubbies described it as "Betreyal!" as Fred was supposed to be living with them in Teletubby Land.

Fred says: "But if I stayed there, they would poison me with tubby-custard! And also Noo-Noo threatened to pull my hair!"

Noo-Noo was charged for attempted murder towards Fred, but then people beleived it was Noddy who should have been charged. He bribed Fred over to Toyland by telling him that he will let him play with his action men. Noddy was sent to court so people can see whether it was true, so then he would be the one to go to prison.

Anyway, Harry Potty tried to stay out of this, but it turned out that he hypnotized everyone into committing these crimes, so he went to Azkaban for the rest of this week. He was then  sent to his room for a further 2 hours, with no tea.

Fred was found innocent at court with Noddy, so he was released free of charge. The Teletubbies got angry with Noddy for "stealing" Fred, so they now threaten to pinch him if he does it again.

It was recently discovered that Freddy Mon tried to murder Noddy. The teletubbies are extremely happy about this and have promoted Fred to become their vitual purple flavoured tamagotchi to save the universe from more demon baby suns. The Teletubbies have recently declared war with Chanalan Weasly who pulled Po's hair and pinched him.

Lanky the Hullaballoo recently suffered from spontanious combustion, many belive that it was just all an accident but the Teletubbies They think that the cause was the sun in Teletubby land. Since this event, the sun has never been seen. this was a victory for the teletubbies, but they still belive he is planning more attacks. They also belive he is creating an agency with Chanalan Weasly and Fireman Sam, as he has also not been seen since the so called "accident". Apparently they are planning to create a huge cannon to secretly shoot people with. An hour later the people will have spontanious combustion, and it will all seem a big accident. the way the Teletubbies know this is because they use to have a spy. It was Lanky. They only got this information out of him before he died. They are looking for a new spy now.

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