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Freddy Fazbear vs. Teletubbies is an episode from the first season of the Teletubbies 2015 reboot.


The episode starts in Teletubby Land, where Alt 2.0 learns about a song called "Little Einsteins Theme Song Remix." After playing it, though, she accidentally summons Freddy Fazbear. Then an epic battle occurs when the Tubby Phone is destroyed. This, of course, angers all the Teletubbies. Po, enraged, lunges at Fazbear. Po instantly asplodes. Alt 2.0 summons their last hope, Squeegee. Unfortunately, she also summons King Harkinian. The King shoots Alt 2.0 and Freddy Fazbear with his Dinner Blaster, and unleashes a weapon only known as BOOM. This would mean the destruction of the UnWorld. But then Tinky Winky and King Harkinian fall into the pool of acid, causing BOOM to crash. The Teletubbies are saved! But then Po comes back to life and reveals that she had somehow rigged the entire UnUniverse with Bombs, threatening to blow them all up is she doesn't get 69,000,000 UnDollars. Thus the BBC and their friends Nickelodeon and Yahoo! intervened by killing everyone clearing the set with Super Fat & other stuff.

Teletubbys n fredy prpin 2 fite

The title card for the episode.

Dipsy returns from being on vacation with Thumper the entire episode, saying "Oh hey guys, what did I mi-(notices the wreckage around them) OK, nevermind." and leaving.

Oh, and Noo-Noo explodes.


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