Naked freddy on west hall

Typical Freddy

Freddy Fazbear is a possessed robot creature of some sort that thinks he's Chuck E. Cheese or something. He is the mascot of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and the main antagonist in Five Nights At Freddy's, as well as being good friends with Alt 2.0, creating the Scary Robots Gang with her. Freddy Fazbear was charged for 300 counts of murder, but released on account of "being an inanimate object".


Freddy is a very unusual character. At day he acts perfectly normal doing the usual, noncing on kids, but at night, the real Freddy comes out. When the security guard is not watching him, Freddy will lurk around in the dark before jumping into the guard's room in the n00d. Freddy will at this point take the guard and shoot them with a magnum. In 2015, Freddy got charged for murder of an 21 year-old female night guard and got kicked out of United States permanently. Today, he's currently living in London, United Kingdom with his unnamed wife. He was +-cloned once, creating Freddy Fazbear+.

He can be summoned by singing the Little Einsteins Theme Song Remix, because he created Little Einsteins.

Freddy Fazbear is also the chronological sixteenth member of the 18-member organization created by Thanos known as the Ultimate Platinum Overlord Invasion Organization, which is a sister organization with Galvatron's Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization.

He later became the twenty-third member to join the Quintessential Elemental Emperor Invasion Organization in general chronologically and is the fifth member in the Metal Group.

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