Freaky Forms Deluxe

Who had this idea?!

Freakyforms Deluxe is a horrific shame on the 3DS that focuses around creating the weirdest creatures you possibly can. You name a little planet and you start creating whatever kind of creature you want, ranging from a caterpillar to Pikachu, you can create, well, anything. It has no bounds at all, really. Except for one thing - it has to have a mouth because it needs to eat, I guess. Other than that, anything is possible. But, it's a cool little game. You can decorate your little planet and unlock new areas. There's also dungeons where you can unlock rewards and defeat bosses RPG-style, but you have no say in it at all. The creatures (or Formees, as they're called) just sort of attack eachother until the battle's over. There's also little quests you can do, like pooping golden garbage, collecting gems that look awfully similar to large Rupees. The game's fun to mess around with when you don't really have anything to do, but for the love of all things holy , create a complete nightmare. Please?


Err, okay, sure.

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