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The typical Frenchman

Welcome to Paris, France!

France is a small country in the west of Europe. France is well-known for their crappy beautiful landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower. It is a tower that The Creepy Fusion of Sebby, WaWaBonzi Buddy, and Mama Luigi blew up, so it was rebuilt by Alt 1.0.



Stupid French products for tourists

Originally French territory was populated by the Gauls. The leader of Gauls was Asterix. Most of time they were drinking wine and beating Romans. But they were always drunk and didn't think about global politics.

Later Leonidas conquered most of Europe and took over French territories. He kicked the stupid Gauls out and called that land France. Later Leonidas had to pay debts to Darth Vader and he paid them by France. Napoleon Bonaparte later won it in poker game with Darth Vader, Satan and King Harkinian.

France was the most badass country in Europe untill Adolf Hitler noticed it. He said that Germany is more badass and conquered France. Later UnAmericans and Soviet Russians busted both myths together.

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Hey look, it's a frenchie!

Nowadays France is ruled by two people: a mean firelord called Frollo and an awesome dude called Gaston. Most French are idiots who sell stupid tourist crap.

Secretly, Mrs. Mellgren was the cause of ALL of these events because she wanted to Francisize the world.

Daft Punk

Another Frenchie(s)! Except these guys are better.


  • France HATES Germany.
  • Germany HATES France.
  • I.M. Meen HATES goody-goodies.
  • France ranks second on the Pizza Quality Index.
  • Spy lives here.
Yuga Poses

Another anime french fry

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