Fox running with the rest of Ster Ferx.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Foxy Orange
Eye color: Green
Species: Fox
Home: Space
Death: ...
AKA: Foxy Man
Likes: Space, Foxes
Dislikes: Evil Toad Men
Education: Space Institute of Space Warriors
Occupation: Ster Ferx Leader
Known For: being the leader of Ster Ferx
UnRank: 67848434

Fox is the super cool foxy leader of Ster Ferx. He is a kick butt guy with awesome metal feet. He can use a gun to. Since he works for Ster Ferx, he also works for Nintendo. His favorite food is Pop Tarts.


Fox was born to a guy named Fox Dude and some random girl. When he was just 6 years old he went to the Space Institute of Space Warriors. There he learned to be a true badass in space. He also met the some guys name Slippy Toad, Peppy Pepper, and Falco. Together they made the Ster Ferx team!

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