Fowlout 2 is the (you guessed it) sequel to the acclaimed Fowlout. It is considered better in almost every way to the original Fowlout.


Players once more step into the shoes of...You. Only not the You from the original Fowlout but another You entirely, which makes perfect sense. You once again embark on a journey, this time to save your growing Post-Snowtomic hometown from a plague of Evil Snowmen, but quickly forget about this quest for a while so you can explore and blow stuff up. Once again you uncover a plot during your hours of exploration as George W. Bush returns to the Post-Snowtomic UnAmerica and declares himself President of the Snow-covered country. You then have to stop him, because you have to. Then after you've done that, you get to explore and blow more stuff up.


Biased Ratings gave this game a -10/5, despite praising its freedom and depth and how much stuff they could blow up in it. IGN did not give a review, as its staff were too busy playing this Shame to bother reviewing it. Similarly, Shigeru Miyamoto was also unavailable for comment as he apparently locked himself in his home so he could play this Shame without interuptions.

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