Fowlout is a shame and spin-off of the Call of Ducky series. It is set in a hypothetical version of UnWorld where Hillary Clinton manages to annoy Ducky enough that he anhiliates the United States of UnAmerica and nearby regions such as Piramidia and Mexico with a barage of Snowtomic Bombs.


Players step into the shoes of...You. That's right, You, as you travel through the post-Snowtomic winter wonderland wastes, exploring, shooting and blowing stuff up. After a while, You discover that Hillary Clinton survived the attack and deliberately annoyed Ducky into destroying UnAmerica so that SHE could be its next president (Instead of that other guy). You stop her by blowing up her copy of the White House (which is in Maine) and saving the day. You then get to wander around, shooting and blowing up even more stuff because that's the real reason people play this shame.


IGN gave this Shame a 16/10 while Biased Ratings gave it a 1/5. Shigeru Miyamoto, who was roused from a days long binge of this Shame, was asked for a comment on the shame and its story. His response was "...there was a story?" His shameplay data revealed he hand't completed the second quest and had just been wandering around, shooting and blowing stuff up.

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