The Forces of the UnUniverse are the mystical forces, laws, and powers that hold together the fabric of reality. This is the stuff that the spacetime-contium is made of. This is also the stuff that holds the other dimensions to the UnUniverse. Nobody really knows what exactly what the Forces of the UnUniverse are, but Everybody is thankful they exist.

The Forces of the UnUniverse manifest themselves physically in only three places. The first is here, on the UnAnything Wiki. They are embedded within the coding of the website or something. We don't know, we're not geniuses. The second place is on the Mountain of Despair. The final location is in Undefeatable Palace, for that is where the Undefeatables manipulate these forces.

The Forces

Nobody is certain what the forces actually are, but there are many guesses. Here are some of the more prominent ideas of what these forces may be:

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