Death itself

Foodfight is a very bad movie made when Mr. Clipboard wanted profit. The movie is so horrifying, God had to ban the movie from the entire UnWorld and destroy all copies. That's why you probably haven't heard of it.

It stars a dog who is apparently an investigator that hops on blimps and blows up rat-cats. Theres also his drugged sidekick who really likes trying to act cool. But always fails. Suddenly the dog has a girlfriend. Who apparently is a stupid human. Theres also Mr.Clean who pops up to stalk everyone. Then some god whos the owner of a market turns the world into his market and everyone dies. He does stupid stuff and Mr. Clipboard walks in and creates a beand called Brand X. Its supposed to be better then every other brand. And it is. Cause all the other brands are stupid. Then the market explodes and everyone is revived. A random girl comes by and reveals shes the leader of Brand X even though she didnt make it. Then everyone starts tossing food at eachother hoping it does something useful. But it doesnt. The gril gets away and starts firing spaceships at the town. Than the dog finds her and drags her out into the city. The dogs girlfriend beats the other girl up and makes her super ugly. THen Mr.CLean comes and blows up the entire town. Revealing he was the evil mastermind all along. Then the movie ends. NO one knows what happened to Mr. Clean or the dog.

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