Cquote1.png I want this to happen! Especially for Garchomp-sama! Cquote2.png
Flygon hoping Garchomp (Her boyfriend) gets something sweet.
Redeemed Flygon and Sandshrew.jpg

Flygon in her redeemed state as a hero. She chats with Sandshrew on how to NOT to be an edgy Pokemon.

Gender: Female
Hair color: Green?
Eye color: Red
Species: Bug-Dragon hybrid
Likes: Having s** with Garchomp weekly, Working for Mr. T.
Dislikes: Getting her a** r**ed by Salamence
Education: Pokemon Highschool

Flygon is a Pokemon who is currently Garchomp's girlfriend, and formerly Salamence's girlfriend.

She broke up with Salamence due to that she thought he was too idiotic for her, and couldn't stand him being dumb 24/7. She also hated him just because he was a minion of the Teletubbies.

She dated Garchomp instead because he is a Satanist pro like Googolplex, whom they bow down to and serve as his "favorite Pokemon".

Eventually, she and Garchomp both left the Satanist Empire and now work for Mr. T and stopped doing Satanism.

Flygon when she was an edgy idiot.

Flygon's full appearance.

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