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Fluguy coughing.

Fluguy is a disease type of Uglymon that is that is native to Loompaland. As it is a disease type Pokemon, it is very sick, and it doesn't know how cough drops work, so they think they are evil, and don't use them. This is why these Pokemon are always sick.


The Fluguy were heard of by Nobody until a few hundred years ago, when Bowser sent a bunch of Koopas to go into Loompaland. The ones that survived sent reports of a "new Pokemon". Bowser didn't care, and he let it kill the koopa. They sent a picture, so he burned it.

The next time they were heard of was a while later when Willie Wonka discovered them while in Loompaland. He kidnapped them, and made them into candy. However, Albert Einstein stole one, and studied it. He accidentally killed it, however, when he shot it with a Shawt that contained Death Juice (he thought it was apple juice).

Now, tourism is common in Loompaland, so people see these creatures all the time, but only those who are brave or foolish (or both) try to catch them. Most die quickly.


Fluguy is derived from two English words, that were stuck together. They are "flu" and "guy". We're not sure what exactly these words mean, but we believe "guy" has people. Of course, we could be (and probably are) way off, and have no idea what we're talking about.


The Fluguy looks like a blue ghost with limbs. It has glowing red eyes (like everything cool), and it has a nasty cough were green spray shoots out of its mouth. It can curl up into a ball, but this just makes it look stupid without accomplishing anything.


The Fluguy are a violent species. This is most likely because they live in the harsh environment of Loompaland. It is common for them to attack people, animals, and sometimes rocks and trees for no reason other than the sake of attacking. They are also always sick somehow, so they like to lay there and cough.