Florrie waving.

Florrie Fimble or Florrie is a member of the Fimbles.She Lives in Fimble Valley with the other fimbles. She Likes her Teddy called Little One. She doesn't like Rockit (Frog) bouncing too loudly because it distracts her from what she's doing.

History and origin

Florrie was born with her parents. She was a good and cute Baby. But Then, When her parents went to the shops,and they wouldn't go with her considering she was only a baby. Florrie escaped through the window in her bedroom. Walking,Florrie spotted a valley. When she saw there was Nobody else there at the time except for Fimbo and they introduced themselves to each other and became friends. Then Baby Pom came. And introduced herself too.Florrie had a good life in fimble valley!.Fimbo got her a doll in the shops for $10000 and she decided to call her Little One.

Florrie always loves Little one. Little one was at one point, trapped in a fire, But Florrie saved her. Oh how she loves Little one!! Florrie is playing with Little One right now!! How did I Do That? I Must be psychic. I'm Psychic!! She also wants to be a clown when she grows up.According to Fimbo and Rockit,Fimbo wants to be a chef and Rockit wants to be a sailor.

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