Floorboard King

Angry Floorboard King

Gender: Male
Hair color: None
Eye color: Black
Species: Floorboard
Home: Fl00rB0ardia
Death: When Carpet God killed him with fire
AKA: King of Floor Board
Likes: Winning, Evil, his wife, owning everything
Dislikes: Fire, Losing, Termites
Education: born with all knowledge
Occupation: Ruler of Floorboards
Known For: starting the Great Floor War
UnRank: 172

Floorboard King is the ruler and god of Floorboards. He was created when Carpet God was created. He is evil and dislikes termites.


He is a square bunch of floorboards with an angry face. He wears a cowboy hat. He is the size of an average carpet.

Powers and Abilities

He has the ability to make floorboards and floorboard animals. His cowboy hat can turn anything into juice. He has the ability to eat an entire pizza whole. He is also a doctor. He was taught by Doc Louis in doctoring.


He was made when Carpet God was made. Their mom, Floor Queen like Carpet God better which made Floorboard King evil. He created Fl00rB0ardia in 12 days, 4 hours, 24 minutes, and 8 seconds. This is 1 second longer than it took Carpet God to create Carpetia. This angered Floorboard King which cause him to start a war 6 years later. This war was called the Great Floor War. In this war he killed his mother and tried to kill Carpet God so he could become ruler of the floors. He was killed when Carpet God used a match to kill him. This ended the 4 year and 25 day war and cause his daughter, Floorboard Princess, to become the new ruler.

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