Flo is an evil person who blows people up with the "Name your price tool" and works for Progressive.


Wait, are you using State Farm?


She was hired to work as a mascot fśr Progressive, an evil terrorist orginazation thingy. They showed her the Name Your Price Tool, an evil death ray that kills people in one shot. She uses it when people insult Progressive. She also can time travel and respawn when she dies. She can to stuff like save you money, but she can't do stuff like save you from a herd of angry Bantheees. If you tell her that a loved one died in a car crash she'll grab an empty wallet, point it at you so you see it's empty and say "These are all the f**ks I give, now switch to Progressive!". She can also turn stuff white for some reason and turn any person in the room into a clone of herself.


  • She created a group called Evil People with Patchy the Pirate, Potty the Parrot, The Queen, A bunch of Isopods, Ducky and Eleking
  • She hates price tags
  • She will kill anyone with a price tag
  • She always dresses in white
  • She wears a name tag but everyone knows her name
  • SHE IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The deadly name your price tool

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