Flandre Scarlet

U.N. Owen was Her?

Gender: Female
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Red
Species: Vampire
Home: The Scarlet Devil Mansion
Death: No
AKA: Sister of the Scarlet Devil
Likes: "Playing" with someone
Dislikes: Staying in the mansion for 500 years
Education: Flandre can Destroy anything and everything by crushing the "eye"
Occupation: Unknown
Known For: Unknown
UnRank: No Rank Yet

Flandre Scarlet is Remilia Scarlet's little sister and The Scarlet Devil Mansion's (Dirty Little Secret).

She first appeared as an Extra Boss from a Touhou Project game called "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil".

She's also one of the silver aces of the Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization.

Her theme is called "U.N. Owen was Her?" (Ronald McDonald's Favorite Theme) and can be famously used in McRoll'd.

Flandre went ahead instead of being a good vampire like her older sister, she went ahead decided to be evil and sucking others' blood (Her older sister never did that since she's a good vampire), and beyond being evil, she went ahead and became worse than her older sister and joined the Satanist Empire, therefore, bowing down to Googolplex and praying to Satan.

A year after she joined, she became more insane than ever and in fact; became a psycho. She even attempted to kill her benevolent and kind-hearted sister (Remilia)!

She later joined the Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization and became one of the silver aces. Her sister, Remilia Scarlet was disappointed in her when hearing about it.

After joining that group, she did WAY MORE sinister things and became nearly as sinister as Googolplex himself (Despite that he's not in that group).


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