The planet Fl00rB0ardia

Type: Planet
Level: 756
Location: Flooriverse
Inhabitants: Floorboardians, Mexicans, Teletubbies, Tilesians, Hobo Jon
Fl00rB0ardia is the home of floorboards. It was created by Floorboard King and is made entirely of floorboards. The core is also made of floorboards. It is one of the many planets in the UnUniverse. It is slightly bigger than Jupiter.


The planet's population is largely made up of Floorboardians but has the occasional Tilesians and Teletubby. They worship Floorboard King and celebrate his birthday on December 56th because they can. They call this holiday FlrBrd Day. On FlrBrd Day all they eat is grapes, grape juice, and Kool-Aid. They celebrate Halloween but give out grape juice instead of candy.

Popular Locations

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Famous Inhabitants

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