FnaYM is game made by Joe Mama.Game is acctualy the best game on the world.


That was pizzeria where you Family was.1234 Scott made a pizzeria called "Shut up pizzeria".Then animatronics kill everyone.


Your Mom - She is main enemy.She cooking you favorite soup.If you not close the door she will eat you

Ugly Squid - He is Copy of squidward but he now more ugly.

Withered Great Great Great Great GrandFather - He is new animatronic.He is your grandfather but he is facelles.


You are in your office and you must look at the security cameras.To look at the camera press "X" button.Also close the door by "P" button.You have over 45556 power.And you must survive to 799 am.If your bum powers out Your mom will kill you.Other characters come from doors.If you not close door(if animatronic at you door) you will be jumpscared.To look at left or right you must press "I" button.To close hte door you must press "Shut up" button.

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