It's Flag, containing a Hook, two tails, and a Big 1879!

The Fish Union is considered to be a Mostly Unknown Kittehlandian country, because it it 100% Underwater. It's Population contains Fish, Mermaids, and Pirates. It's intentions are Secretive, so secret in fact, we only know a couple of them.



It's Origin isn't exactly known, but It is said that the Person who found it was named 'Molly B. Guppy'. However, it is possible it could be Neptune, as Old Papers say a lot about Neptune. Anyhow, the Founder of the Country build it up from the Ground Up. The First City made was Alantis in 1879, which was going to be a Floating City, but it sank halfway through it's construction. Molly(?) then brought more Fish into the new City, and they formed a New Culture there.

The Fish War

After 4 and a half decades of peace and Tranquility, The New President (Ariel) wanted to attack the Catgirl Empire because they made Fish into Sushi and did other horrible things to them. Ariel decided to make a Full-fledged War against them, with the Fish Union failing the War, despite being Close to Winning. The Catgirls Won only because they had Anime with them, which Ruined the Mermaid's Legacy of being popular. This war lasted for over 11 years.


Nowadays, the Fish Union is very secretive of what they have. Rumor has it that they are Planning to take Revenge to the Catgirl Empire by Flooding their place with Fish Products, in which they are already doing. The reason why they are doing this is so that they could hypnotize the Catgirls into becoming a Part of the Fish Union.

Political system

The Fish Union is led by a Fish Parliament, a Fish Commission, a Fish Council, and a Council of the Fish Union. The Fish Parliament is made up of Members of Fish Parliament, elected by a first past the post vote according to proportional representation in regular, scheduled electoins. However, most MFPs don't actually care about the Fish Parliament and rarely show up to sessions. The job of the Fish Commission, Fish Council, and Council of the Fish Union is to waste time and resources.


The Fish Union exists as a common market. However, most member states don't care about this, issuing their own currency and making their own trade agreements. The Commission often tries to get the Parliament to enforce the relevant policies, but the Parliament doesn't care, so nothing changes.

The Fish Union is the world's largest supplier of baskets, and one of the largest producers of fish (duh).


The Climate there is usually Warmish, but it can sometimes become a bit Cold there. Nothing much else to say here.

Notable Locations

Notable People

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