Fishes are one of the inhabitants of the water bodies. There are more species of fishes than chickens that's why we love fishes. Fishes has evolved into a higher society. This prove why Bikini Bottom exist.


Fish varies in size, color and shape. They have gills that warns them when terrorists a going to attack a country and fins that allows them to swim in the water. Some fishes have sharp teeth which they use to attack when they feel threatened or angry.

Normal fishes

Normal fishes are fishes that you always see in the ocean or any other water bodies. They are usually small in size. Their natural habitats are the oceans, lakes, rivers, your toilet, seas, ponds and gulfs.

Flying Fish

Flying fish are like normal fish except they have wings and are probably either in Terraria, or part of Ganon and his minions.


They have gills that warns them when terrorists are going to attack other country. They then kill theirselves to warn people about the incoming missile coming from North Korea. As of 2012, Poseidon ordered all the fishes to kill theirself to warn the people. birds did the same. The year 2012 is a year of mass suicide causing people to panic because they thought it's the end of the world. And they're right. Kim Jong-un was going to launch the missile until he heard it on the news that animals everywhere are dying. He aborted the mission to launch the missile because he thought it's going to be the end of the world too.

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