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Fireman Sam is widely known for putting out fires. Little do people know he is accually evil, and in an alliance with the Space Hitler from Mass Effect 3. He fills his hose with petrol mixed with methane. As you can imagine, when he sprays the fire he is actually feeding it. Sometimes, he even uses Cementygas, which is given to him by Bob the Builder.


He was born in the fourth ring of Hell. He grew up ransacking and pillaging every mortal village he found. This gave him quite a reputation. He soon started burning the village children alive in front of their families. He then got the nickname "Pyroman". He tried to make children scream his name out loud whilst he ruptured their intestines but the stupid children didn't know what "pyro" meant. This is why he changed his nickname to "Fireman"


He first appeared on television in "World's most wanted". He quickly changed his name to Sam but kept the "Fireman" bit. He decided to create a television show in which he could save children from fires then devour them after. Or just burn them to death. This quickly caught the eyes of the Teletubbies and they hunted him down to recruit him. He happily joined. One of his greatest acts was destroying Russia with the Teletubby Zeppelin. He now uses to Skyrim to carry on his television show.

Where is he today?

It is unknown where Fireman Sam is at this current time but he is wanted for $78251340 Billion UnDollars. Oh wait, he's at the Satanist Empire now and is a member of it after he betrayed the Teletubbies and started doing Satanism. He shook hands with Googolplex and served as his "firefighter". He also serves as his pyromaniac sometimes.

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