Beating Windows Internet Explorer as a kid. No, I'm serious. He really WAS so great so early!

Firefox is a second greatest browser. Why is it so great? Well, I don't know! It just is! OK, I know now! It's so great because it is open source. It's developed by people that actually know how to make a good browser, (Mozilla) and is constantly being updated, so that you don't get viruses. It's NOT endorsed or spied on by the NSA.

It's NOT gonna lose, I promise. In fact, this will save us all! Firefox is fast! That means no waiting 2000 years just to get a picture!



Browsers War.

The first version of Firefox was released on November 29, 2005. It was the first greatest browser until Google Chrome was created in September 2, 2008 to butt in. Blake Ross got angry at Google. Blake Ross started to genetically engineer a fox. The fox's deoxyribonucleic acid was altered to create a fox that can produce fire. When Google found out about the fox, they constructed a super robot that looks like Google Chrome's logo. This resulted the Browsers War. After more than 570 years of battle, both browsers gave up and they eventually became friends. Their current main goal is to destroy Internet Explorer because everybody knows it sucks.

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