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Finn the Human


Gender: Male
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Black
Species: Human
Home: Land of OOO
Death: HAHAHA! Are you kidding me?
AKA: Finn the Hero!
Likes: To be the greatest hero!
Dislikes: Ocean
Education: Umm... no!
Occupation: Saving people and killing innocent monsters who doesn't even kill people.
Known For: Known for being a kick-butt hero!

Cquote1 MATHETICAL!!! Cquote2
Cquote1 RHOMBUS!!! Cquote2
Cquote1 NOOO!!! Cquote2

Finn a.k.a Finn the Human is a boy who is dreaming to be an ultimate hero and monster slayer. He is kinda related to the dude gang, especially Mordecai and Rigby. Some say that Finn is a real life human who got stuck in a coma when he's pet pig Jake died. In cartoony version, Jake is a dog while Finn is a hero.


In Cartoony Version

Born in a small town in the Land of Ooo, Finn is the only one who isn't mutated, unlike his friends, who have powers that came from nuclear waste that hit them during the Mushroom War. He was inspired by his favorite T.V. celebrity Chuck Norris.

In Real Life


People say that this picture is Finn and Jake in real life.

He trained for years only to find that he is not good enough to be a hero so, he just pretends to be a hero because he is stupid. In some cases, people say that Finn was a demented boy who is stuck in a coma whilst dreaming a magical land full of monsters and craps. 


  • He was born in the 3100s.
  • He has a strong fear of OCEANS!!! NOOO!!!
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