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Finding Wario is a shitty movie made by you guest it, Bowser Studios. It's about Wario running away from Waluigi after being forced to clean a potty. Later, someone stole the idea and turned it into Finding Nemo. There is a sequel being made called Finding Waluigi which it's sequel Finding Dory was ripped off from too.


Waluigi forces Wario to clean his potty. He refuses, and Waluigi sends him to his room. However, Wario wants to escape. So, to do so, he jumped out of the window without sound, and he succeeded. Waluigi then opened the window, and realizes Wario has escaped. He then calls 911, but they hang up. So, Waluigi comes up with a scheme to get Wario back by helicopter. Wario then finds himself in Japan, where he meets some hot anime girls, but his fun ends when Waluigi's helicopter finds him. Wario gets grounded for over 9,001 years and has to go to his room.

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