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The Final Smash is an unique attack based on the manifested power of an individual, able to be charged to 100% using a Smash Ball. Each person at birth is assigned by Chuck Norris whether they have a Final Smash, a Stand, a Fatality, Super Meter, a Quirk, or all of the above. Final smashes are fluid and can change over time, some people such as King Dedede constantly shift in final smash, while others like Mario remain firm.

Smash Ball

The Smash Ball is a item that gives you one-time use of your Final Smash. Smash Balls came from an unknown exoplanet and typically fly into battlefields during large scale wars to make them more epic. You can buy them in bulk at the Home Depot.

People with Final Smashes

And many more!


  • Members of the Upper Counsel of Undefeatables never use it because they don't need it.
  • Easily Defeatables such as the Scratch Cat are too weak to break the smash ball resulting in an unused final smash, however the Scratch Cat is getting stronger, so now he can leave some sort of dent in the smash ball. People who seem not to have any super powers are most likely to have a Final Smash.
  • People without a Final Smash who break the Smash Ball get 5 cherry Real Pies instead of power, and then the ball recreates itself.
  • Any person tainted by 9th Synonym of Unusual Studios on their Final mash will have their Final Smash revoked. You can, however, redeem yourself by proving you've been cured of the operation.