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Shimmy shakers are just maracas covered with leaves stuck on.

Fimbo (AKA Fuckbo) is the oldest and biggest of the Fimbles.He lives in Fimble Valley with the other Fimbles.


Fimbo was originally a Normal Fimble and he was BORN In Fimble Valley so he is the first person to be in it.When Florrie came along, He decided to introduce himself to her and she did the same. When Rockit Got into The valley, Fimbo started to play with him and each other. They often play in the Sad Hallow talking about stuff.


Fimbo's Favorite Food is Crumble Crackers and will not let ANYBODY go near them. THERE ALL FIMBO'S!!!!!! Fimbo enjoys playing with Florrie sometimes, When Rockit isn't around. They Dance, Kiss (Eeeww!),Go on a Date, and Kill each other just to show how much they really loved each other!. Fimbo is also greedy. It's like Mr. Krabs...Except....different. Mr. Krabs loves money and Fimbo likes his Crumble Crackers that much. I Said this earlier. Anyway, Fimbo also likes his shimmy Shaker that Rockit made for him. He also enjoys getting the fimbling feeling. it tickles too much. Sometimes,The fimbling feeling tickles him too much and he goes on a rampage.