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The Fimbles TV Series is a show starring Fimbo ,Florrie and Baby Pom and sometimes Rockit,Roly Mo and Bessie and Ribble who have something magic called The Fimbling Feeling which means they Find Something random. It also aired on CBeebies.The same channel that aired the Teletubbies (TV Series)



Fimbo finds a Magnum, Which he soon kills Florrie with.


Pom finds a ball which Rockit throws at Fimbo.

Jack in the box

Florrie finds a jack in the box, Which scares the crap outta Rockit

Sleeping Bag

Fimbo finds a sleeping bag, which he smudders Pom with.


Florrie finds an AK-47,which she kills Fimbo with in revenge.


Florrie finds her shadow, Which scares her.

No Fimbling Feeling

There is no Fimbling Feeling today. The Whole episode is Fimbo just sitting there eating Crumble Crackers.


Florrie finds a comb and scrapes Ribble to death with it.


Fimbo finds his own restaurant so he goes on a date with Florrie.

Alarm Clock

Roly is taking a nap but Fimbo finds an alarm clock which wakes Roly up Roly kills Fimbo for that.


Rockit is sick. Pom finds medicine which helps Rockit get better.

Amusing Duck

Florrie finds Amusing Duck. LAY EGG IS TRUE !!


Fimbo finds Thumper, who kills him.


Fimbo finds an arrow and shoots down Bessie.


Pom fins a radio and they play Let It Go but they hate it so they smash it.


Florrie finds three pebbles and throws them at Fimbo and Pom.


Fimbo finds a mustache and pretends to be Mario.

Dinner Blaster

Florrie finds a Dinner Blaster but gets shot by King Harkinian.


Pom finds a glass of Milk and drinks it.


Fimbo finds three Cookies, One for each fimble.

Magic wand

Florrie wants to be a clown when she grows up Then finds a magic wand that turns her into one. This episode can be watched on the Internet.


Pom finds a doge, which noscopes her.

Purple Pi

Fimbo gets infected with Purple Pi after finding math homework.

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