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The three main characters. Fimbo, Florrie, and Baby Pom.

The logo from the series.

The Fimbles TV Series (AKA Fuckboys) is a show starring Fimbo ,Florrie and Baby Pom and sometimes Rockit,Roly Mo and Bessie and Ribble who have something magic called The Fimbling Feeling which means they Find Something random which ended up turned violent and found dangerous objects to kill anyone, It also aired on CBeebies.The same channel that aired the Teletubbies (TV Series)

Here's a theme song based on them.


Season 1

Season 1 is the first season of the Fimbles, in which the Fimbles find a random object to do dangerous shitty things to other bitches.

Magnum Fimbo finds a Magnum, Which he soon kills Florrie with.

Ball Pom finds a ball which Rockit throws at Fimbo.

Jack in the box Florrie finds a jack in the box, Which scares the crap outta Rockit

Sleeping Bag Fimbo finds a sleeping bag, which he smudders Pom with.

AK-47 Florrie finds an AK-47,which she kills Fimbo with in revenge.

Shadow Florrie finds her shadow, Which scares her.

No Fimbling Feeling There is no Fimbling Feeling today. The Whole episode is Fimbo just sitting there eating Crumble Crackers.

Comb Florrie finds a comb and scrapes Ribble to death with it.

Restaurant Fimbo finds his own restaurant so he goes on a date with Florrie.

Alarm Clock Roly is taking a nap but Fimbo finds an alarm clock which wakes Roly up Roly kills Fimbo for that.

Medicine Rockit is sick. Pom finds medicine which helps Rockit get better.

Amusing Duck Florrie finds Amusing Duck. LAY EGG IS TRUE !!

Thumper Fimbo finds Thumper, who kills him.

Arrow Fimbo finds an arrow and shoots down Bessie.

Radio Pom fins a radio and they play Let It Go but they hate it so they smash it.

Pebbles Florrie finds three pebbles and throws them at Fimbo and Pom.

Mustache Fimbo finds a mustache and pretends to be Mario.

Dinner Blaster Florrie finds a Dinner Blaster but gets shot by King Harkinian.

Milk Pom finds a glass of Milk and drinks it.

Cookies Fimbo finds three Cookies, One for each fimble.

Magic wand Florrie wants to be a clown when she grows up Then finds a magic wand that turns her into one. This episode can be watched on the Internet.

Doge Pom finds a doge, which noscopes her.

Purple Pi Fimbo gets infected with Purple Pi after finding math homework.


Red Nosed Fimble a Fimbles Christmas special. Fimbo tries to steal Rudolph's special red nose, in which Santa later kills Fimbo for doing that crap.

Fimbo gets a scare a Fimbles Halloween special. Fimbo gets a scare from Roly Mo, which it reveals it was just a dream until Florrie grabs her AK-47 to kill Roly Mo.

Season 2

Season 2 considered to be a continuation of more Fimbly Feeling, but even more worse, this season also marks a debut of Little Bo, Yugo, and Migo.

Ribble's eyes Bessie explains why Ribble doesn't have any eyes, which Ribble later explained how he got bullied and punched, which Bessie later gives Ribble some eyeballs, which it was cute as fuck.

Fimtubbies a shitty Fimbles/Teletubbies crossover. Fimbo, Florrie, and Pom meets the Teletubbies, which later teamed up to kill Mario, and soon, the Teletubbies themselves.

No Books for Roly Mo Roly Mo cannot find the books since he was all fucked up, which later revealed it was stolen by Fimbo.

Fimbles Gets High Fimbo gets drunk, but later on Florrie and Pom fucks him up.

One Fimble Fimbo is alone, because of others such as Florrie and Pom gets stolen and being fucked up by a giant Fimble.

Heil Fimble Fimbo goes to Germany to disguise himself as Adolf Hitler of the Nazi Germany, but because of the Nazi ban, the Fimbles gets kicked out from Germany, but at the end, Florrie stayed at Soviet Union.

Fimbles and the drug dealer Fimbo gets high on drugs, which makes other Fimbles, Roly Mo, Rockit, and Bessie coughs in a acid way.

Fimbles meets Noo-Noo another shitty Fimbles/Teletubbies crossover. Fimbo gets sucked up by Noo-Noo which needs help from Florrie and Pom, but ignores it, but at the end of the episode, Noo-Noo kills Fimbo and says "Fuck the Fimbles" before heading back to Teletubbyland for a celebration.

Fimbo ruins Roly Mo's party Roly Mo is having a party with his friends in his underground house, Little Bo, Yugo and Migo, and Rockit, but it was fucking ruined by Fimbo, which later kills Yugo and Migo, which caused Roly Mo to have a revenge on Fimbo.

Bessie cannot fly Poor ol' Bessie had a broken wings, which caused her to not able to fly, but Pom helps her by giving cocaine, which makes Bessie goes acid and flies again with drugs underneath her.

Fimbles Vs. Barney Fimbo, Florrie and Pom fight against the purple dinosaur, Barney, with Blow J (BJ) and Baby motherfucking Boppity Bop, the episode ends when Fimbles shoots Barney for singing "I Love You" by saying "Shut dah fuck up!" like Elmo.

Fimbelly Street Fimbo, Florrie, and Pom meet up with Big Bird which he shits all over his nest, and that devil Elmo, which Fimbo later kills him.

Fimbles vs. Roly Mo Fimbo, Florrie, and Pom goes to the WWE Wrestlemania to beat the shit out of Roly Mo, and her niece cunt Little Bo.


Jingle Fimbles Fimbo falls down the Christmas tree by putting too much Jingle Bells, which Santa sends all the Fimbles a naughty fucking list.

Roly Mo's scary adventure Roly Mo goes for a trick-or-treating with the Fimbles, Little Bo, Yugo and Migo, and Rockit, but Tinky Winky and Mr. Blobby steals Roly Mo for some fucking reason, which later searched for Roly Mo which said "Roly Mo: dead or alive being stolen by a motherfucking Teletubby and a fat Blob."

Season 3

Season 3 considered to be the final season of The Fimbles, which ends up in the final episode where the Fimble Valley gets exploded.

Fimbo steals Pom's teddy, Fimbo decides to steal Pom's teddy bear, which later caused Florrie to grab her AK-47 once again to kill Fimbo and gives it back to Pom. but it gets worse when Fimbo rips it apart for some fucking reason.

Fimbles gets the MLG feeling, Fimbo tells everyone to smoke weed everyday, which caused Florrie and Pom to have Dorritos and Fimbo gets swag.

Little Bo Vs. Baby Pom Little Bo haves a WWE Wrestlemania match with Baby Pom, which Little Bo later punched Baby Pom in the face, which caused a huge fucking pain for Pom, but Bo wins the fight, btw, fuck Pom.

Roly Mo goes acid Roly Mo drinks beer, snorts drugs, and alcohol to have a party instead of reading a fucking story.

SuperMo Roly Mo can roll, but he cannot fly like Superman, which he tries, but he later sucked at it.

Giant Fimbles Fimbo, Florrie and Baby Pom drinks the "Giant Position" to grow tall as a Giant to destroy the town, a bit like Ghostbusters.

Fimbo goes to jail Fimbo was caught having crime by killing Roly Mo, which he later gets sent to the Fimble Prison.

Fimbles play Minecraft: The Fimbles plays Minecraft, but they both killed by the the thousands of Creepers.

Fimbo goes to court Fimbo was blamed for killing everyone, which he is fucking guilty.

Fimbles and the Train Fimbles goes to the London Underground train, but when it gets there, it both killed by Thomas the Tank Engine by surprising them, which he is supposed to be on Sodor, that motherfucking cheeky train.

Rockit's Game Show Rockit hosts a game show about getting Fimbles to be eliminated than the Roly Mo family, which by the end of the episode, Fimbo, Florrie, and Pom gets killed by a explosion.

Fimbles at Vietnam, Fimbo, Florrie and Pom goes to Vietnam to kill soldiers, but a soldier with a explosion later killed the Fimbles because they noticed that the guns were not "powerful" enough.

Fimbles Memory Book, (Season Finale) Fimbo, Florrie, and Pom remembers the crimes that they did, which caused the soldiers to spot them at the Fimble Valley, and later killed the Fimbles, along with Roly Mo's family for blaming on the fucking Fimbles, which caused the Fimble Valley to get exploded and destroyed for good, because those bitches deserves to get fucked, the credits shows the crimes what the Fimbles did in all the episodes.


Ho-Ho-No (AKA Fimbles goes to Winter Wonderland) Fimbo, Florrie, and Baby Pom goes to Winter Wonderland, but when they get the Fimbling Feeling, it destroys the building and the attractions, and it's all the Fimbles fault.

Fimbo gets a chainsaw It's Halloween and Fimbo gets a chainsaw to kill people who gets a "trick." which later gets killed by some of the guards.