Fimbo,Florrie and pom in the Purple Meadow

The Fimbles are three stripy creatures that invaded the UnWorld apart from the Teletubbies except their not evil like they are. People are scared of them. So They went into a valley which would not scare the people anymore. They get this thing called The Fimbling Feeling which they find something. There is three members of Fimbles who live in the not-so-evil Fimble Valley. Fimbo,Who eats crumble crackers a lot. Florrie, who likes her Little one and Baby Pom, who loves stories. There are a few other people who live here aside from these. Rockit who cant stop hopping, Roly Mo, who tells stories and Bessie and Ribble.Fimbo is yellow and green, Florrie is blue and purple and Pom is pink and green. The trio have their favourite things. Each thing was made and bought.Fimbo has his Shimmy Shaker that Rockit made,Florrie was Little one that Fimbo got and Pom has her trundle truck that Florrie got.

All three fimbles and others came from different places except for Fimbo who was the first thing to be born in it, Florrie escaped through a window in her original bedroom,Pom came out of nowhere,Roly Mo,Who was a clone of somebody who got turned into a mole,Rockit came from Sesame Street, Bessie came from Big Bird and Ribble obviously came out of an egg.So the only person in the valley that hasn't had a backstory was Pom who was just walking down the street so her history his unknown and Another not-complete history is Roly Mo.All we know is he got turned into a mole. They also sent a camera crew into the valley to record their series

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