The flag of Fimble Valley

Fimble valley

The Tinkling Tree

Fimble Valley is a place where creatures called Fimbles live. Including a frog, a mole, a bird and a chick. Fimble valley is the only good place unlike evil ones like Teletubby Land or Hell or Dora the Explorer's House.Fimble valley is also the only place that hasn't been destroyed or invaded.Fimble valley is where Fimbo,Florrie and Baby Pom Hasn't been invaded since 2012-2014.It is also where Rockit (Frog) enjoys bouncing and Florrie kills him. Rumored to be a world full of wonder and is where their show is filmed.


There's lots of places in Fimble valley.

Purple Meadow - This is a place where the fimbles get some peace and quiet and is basically a meadow....With Purple Flowers.It is also where Roly Mo's hole is.
Happy hallow

The Sad Hallow.

Sad Hallow - Formerly called the Happy Hallow. This place is where Fimbo and Rockit most often is a big rocky place.

Busy Base - a place where the fimbles make things. Mostly Florrie. This place has a big table to make things on.
Busy base

The Busy Base.

Comfy Corner - Big, Really comfy place with cushions on is where the fimbles go to sleep. It is beside the Purple Meadow.
Comfy coner

The Comfy corner

Tinkling Tree - This is the place where they get the Fimbling is beside the comfy corner which is beside the purple is the most exciting place because it tickles.

Bubble fall - The final place. This is where Bessie's nest is. There are lots of bubbles floating around. You couldn't count how many.

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