Giygas along with his zombie minions

The Field of Despair is a place where Giygas goes to live in the summer and where he creates and trains zombies, just in case if he ever feels like taking over the world. It is constantly on fire. Not many people (actually NO ONE) has returned back from the Field of Despair. Nobody knows what it looks like but this picture shows us what it looks like when Wario threw a camera into the field and the camera took a picture of the place. He then used his magnet to summon it back and this picture is the most important piece of evidence to show that the Field of Despair does exist.

Types of Zombies Made

  • Evil
  • Eviller
  • Super Evil
  • Super Eviller
  • Super Evil Eviller
  • Super Eviller Evil
  • Ultra Evil
  • Ultra Eviller
  • Mega Evil
  • Mega Eviller
  • Hyper Evil
  • Hyper Eviller
  • Super Mega Hyper Ultra Hyper Ultra Mega Evil
  • Super Mega Hyper Ultra Hyper Ultra Mega Eviller

Level of Danger

The U.S. Senate has declared that this place is to be definately avoided and is one of the most dangerous places in the world. Presidents, Ministers, Queens, Kings, Dictators, and apple juice makers from many countries from around the world want to get rid of this place just in case Giygas releases the zombies into our world but it is said to be unplottable because it moves somewhere across the world every nanosecond or at least the entrance does.

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