Pepe fidget spinner

Fidget Spinners, or plainly Fidgets, are aesthetic hit toys which are often used for stress and dollars. They are sometimes considered anæsthetia[2] for things that most people do not find aesthetically pleasing. Fidget Spinners were not initially meant to be toys, but obviously they are now due to society, stress, and social media.


Fidgets can be made with many materials, but plastic is the most basic. Each fidget spinner includes three trypophobic shapes (circles) on each end along with a strange circular piece of plastic in the center. However, some fidgets that are much safer have sharp metal edges without trypophobic shapes. Those do not provide as much aesthetically pleasing vibes, though, so the basic fidgets are the best. People often customize fidget spinners since bland colors are not very unique. It is especially important when customizing to only make holographic fidget spinners; other colors and styles will ruin the aesthetics.


There are many uses for fidget spinners. One of the most popular is boringly spinning them around in trypophobic shapes. The center part of it is typically held, and the ends are pushed to create a spinning motion. This is the least aesthetic way to use a fidget spinner, but obviously it still is partly aesthetic. To make this method more aesthetic, hold one of the ends so that the other ends hit one's hand; it might hurt a bit, but aesthetics are worth it. Another way to use fidget spinner is throwing them at random things. This may seem dangerous, but do not worry because it is. Spinning a fidget near one's cheek is also a fun way to feel the pain of aesthetics. Overall, the best way to use fidget spinners is uploading photoshopped pictures of a person being injured by a fidget spinner. This is controversially the best way to earn money while using a toy. OliviaOil06's way is to burn them to ashes.


Fidget spinners are often despised for many controversial reasons. They are sometimes considered dangerous as some people have been seriously injured by them. This is an especially important controversy as fidget spinners do not have warnings on their packaging. Obviously, these were intended for adults, though, not underage children. Others think that the people who injure themselves (usually children who are about three years old) with fidget spinners are just careless. That is a very likely possibility along with the fact that three-year-old children should not be playing with toys at all. Perhaps the most petty type of criticism comes from people who hate the internet completely now that fidget spinners rule social media[3]. They are basically covering YouTube, becoming the highlight of Instagram, and a frequent mention on Twitter.


  1. Technically, objects similar to fidget spinners have been around for much longer, but the official hype began in 2017.
  2. Anæsthetia (not to be confused with anesthesia) is the working poisonous chemical used to hibernate anything that is not aesthetically pleasing to humans.
  3.; keep in mind that this person does not like fidgets.
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