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Festive Medic
Medic spin.gif
Round round round round
Sexuality: Omega Chad
Hair color: Grey
Eye color: Satan
Age: Mid 40s
Species: Human
Height: Tall
Weight: Skinny
Home: ctf_2fort
Alive or Dead?: Died in a car crash.
AKA: Ludwig
Education: Medical School
Occupation: Doctor
Powers: Healing the man who will kill you.
UnRank: 69,420
Promotion: God of the Badlands

You're probably here from mistakenly clicking on the Medic page and found the right place; if you're the right man in the wrong place go there instead.

" Ha ha ha, October 1st! "
  —Medic, 10/1/11
" Would you like a second opinion? You are also ugly! "
  —Medic, insulting you

Festive Medic, aka Medic is a mad doctor from Nazi Germany; the Festive Medic is a well-trained mercenary rented by many people for his healz. Gravel wars? Yeah, this medic isn't getting much frags. He wears protective a backpack so others don't get hurt, helping hurt others for the hell of it. He's also the guy who obsesses with the first day of each month with Touhou music. His favorite food is Desert Pig Dessert.

If you look to the right of this text, you might notice he's spinning. I added that.



Festive Medic can also turn into a Sandwich.

After Team Fortress 2 ended, he decided to become a musician. Original music? Nah, this medic is just adding his own lyrics to Touhou music. This pissed Everybody off, but after like 2 seconds everyone forgot (Go figure.) This is how he became friends with Flandre Scarlet, the most evil Owen Was Her of them all.


He was born probably in 1915...ish, and grew up on a dairy in the middle of when the Nazis had Germany. BUT THEN!, one day, he decided touching cow udders was gross and wanted to touch human organs which was also gross. So that's why, at age 7, Festive Medic wanted to live up to his namesake and become a medic. Via the power of the G-Man and the will of causality, Medic was transported over to germany to teach Festive Medic how to become a medic. He failed to become a doctor and so became a medic instead (Go figure.) BUT THEN!, one day, he got a call to come over to The United States of UnAmerica from some old dude with a Creepy White Van.

He became lovers with the Heavy Weapons Guy, and got married and lived happily ever after the end.

Other stuff

Anyway, that's all there really is to say about him.


He died MAY SOMETHINGTH of 2014, and again on October 1st of 2016.

His his singles


Touhou has excellent music but, I think Mr. Medic over here turns it kind of shitty. We didn't need vocals his vocals which remind me of SpongeBob singing over I wanna rock, except it's actually spongebob's voice. Lyrics make or break a song and "Monthfest" isn't doing anyone a favor. Check out the originals instead, they're far better and are actually songs.