Cquote1 PASTAAAAAAA!!! Cquote2
Feliciano's infamous cry
Cquote1 Ha ha ha ha ha! Welcome to my land, Newspaper Club! And if you're wondering who's the president of all those awesome-sounding things, IT IS I, ITALY!!! CONJURE OF- Cquote2
Feliciano boasting about his clubs
Feliciano Vargas
Italy is delighted to pasta by yasuoxingxing-d4vp1ev

I think this guy is on crack.

Gender: male
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Species: human
Home: Mushroom Kingdom
Death: none
AKA: Italy, Pastaman
Likes: pasta, pizza, Germany, anything Italian
Dislikes: Matryoshka Miku
Education: "Wat?"
Occupation: "Uuuuhhhh..."
Known For: being obsessed with pasta
UnRank: -87
Promotion: Pastaman

Basic Information

He is some gay dude who finds Germany extremely attractive and loves pasta. Did I mention that he's gay? His favorite foods are pizza and pasta. Oh, and he has a bunch of useless clubs such as the Cat Snuggling Club because why not?

Role in the Great Zambie Apocalypse

C e italy x pasta by neko mirichan

Awww, he's a daddy! Too bad Germany's ghost is upset.

He discovered that all his friends became zambies, so he and Sebby fought over a tomato carton to hide in. After the apocalypse, he decided to marry a plate of spaghetti. And they had a little pasta plate. Isn't she cute?

Being a Superhero

Because he was drunk one day, Feliciano decided to become a superhero named "Pastaman". He tried to save Germany from the Butt Ghost, but he then got punched in the face. He then quit being Pastaman.



Forget it. He doesn't love you.

Main Article: Matryoshka Miku's Brother

He was created by Feliciano in order to impress the other guys, but the robot went psycho and tried to kill him. Before this happened, Germany made a robot version of himself, too. It was named "Germanoid". Immediately, Italoid fell in love. After Italoid moved into Matryoshka Miku & Jeff the Killer's house, Germanoid then attempted to commit "suicide" by eating lots of spaghetti. The only thing that happened was that he had a huge burp.

Attempt at World Domination

After Italoid moved into Miku/Jeff's house, Feliciano lost his sanity and decided to take over the world. In order for him to do this, he called Ducky and decided to kidnap Mordecai and Rigby in order to perform a test on the two slackers. Nerdy Nerdicus obliged to help and cloned them. He then let Feliciano throw the clones into the robotizer and BAM!!! The clones were successfully robots, so him, Ducky and Nerdy made a giant cloning ray and cloned all of the customers at Wal-Mart. Then, all the clones went into the robotizer and the robots then tried to take over the store. However, Captain 0 stopped them all by using a toaster and some toast. Feliciano then gave up and decided to make robot versions of his friends just so he could be happy again.


He now is Nerdy Nerdicus's best friend and the two enjoy fusing things together. He blames Matryoshka Miku on everything because he believes that she kidnapped Italoid. Also, he is STILL making robots.

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