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A cartoonie crashed with the fatmobile.

The Fatmobile is a very fat car that Fatman drives when patrolling Possum City, chasing after bad guys, or getting groceries. It is known for being so dangerous, Captain 0 is unsure about driving it.

The Fatmobile was originally just a van, but Fatman built so much on it, it looks more like a tank. There are more weapons and devices on the Fatmobile than in the biggest military base in the world. It is believed that Fatman actually stole these from a military base, but when he asked, he just asked "Who's giving you information?!", punched the reporter in the face, and drove away.

The Fatmobile is known for its tendencies to honk randomly, have guns go off on accident, and to activate self destruct without pushing the button. Don't ask why a hero would want to drive this. Fatman isn't the brightest person ever.


The Fatmobile is most well known for its outer plating, giving it incredible protection. The Fatmobile was once shot by a Rocket Launcher and it sustained no damage. It would take either a super genius or a super idiot to cause damage to it. Mostly a super idiot, because Fatman is the one driving most of the time.

The fatmobile is also well known for the various weapons it employs. The most commonly used is the smoke screen, because smokescreens are cool. But it also has turbo boosters, 14 machine guns, 8 rocket launchers, a Spartan Laser, turbo boosters, a self destruct button, more turbo boosters, 18 energy cannons, two bomb launchers, turbo boosters, a Shotgun, 42 lightning blasters, and more turbo boosters.

Despite all of the toys equipped to the Fatmobile, none pleases Fatman more than the Anti-Fat Robin feature. Ever since an incident where Fat Robin called dibs on the Fatmobile during a mission, Fatman has had this feature in the Fatmobile. Any time Fat Robin tries to take it out on a joyride, it launches him out and drives itself back to the Fatcave.

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