The atrocity that started them all

The Fatman Movies are a series of movies made about the (in)famous hero Fatman.

The idea originally came after this stuff actually happened to Fatman. Some people from Hollywood came up. Fatman tried to atack them by sitting on them, but they got a baseball bat, and knocked Fatman out. Then, they used one of their mind control devices to have Fatman tell them what happened. Then, they made eight movies. After that he ate more and more, he's probably eating right now 15 seconds ago. Wha?

These movies weren't all that popular. In fact, they wouldn't have even bothered making the last few if The Poker didn't force them to. The movies were a terrible idea. END OF STORY.

On the off-chance that you haven't fallen asleep yet, here's a list of the movies:

Fatman and Related Nonsense
Good Guys
Fatman - Fat Robin - Fatgirl - Fat Hound - Bitewing - Officer Weirdo - Fartman
Not So Good Guys
The Poker - The Joker - Cat Lady - Calendar Man - Poo Face - Bane of Losers - Creepy Mask Man - Pile of Goo - Croc Head - Anti Fatman - Man Fat - Mr. Cold - Pen Guin - The Guy Who Asks Too Many Questions

Random Junk
Fatmobile - Fatplane - Fatboat - Fatarang - Fatcave - Possum City - Super Fat - Fatman Theme Song
Fatman: The Movie - Fatman 2: Return of the Fatman - Fatman 3 - Fatman 4: Yet Another Fatman Movie - Fatman 5: Get a Life - Fatman 6: Seriously? - Fatman 7: Enough Fatman Movies - Fatman 8: I Hate Fatman - Fatman 9: For Crying Out Loud Stop - Poker
Fatman: The Shame - Fatman: The Shame 2: Really? - Fatman: The Shame 3: We Aren't Going to Tolerate This - Fatman: The Shame 4: The Quest For More Money to Buy Food - Calendar Man`s Shame - Fatman Advance - Fatman Advance 2 - Fatman Advance 3
TV Shows
Fatman: The Show
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