Fatman Advance 2 is a side-scrolling platform shame in the Fatman series, developed by Bowser Studios and published by LJN for the Game Boi Advance. The game was released in Japan on 19 December 2002, in North America on 9 March 2003 and in Europe on 18 March 2003. It is based on a modified version of Fatman Advances game engine. It is also the shame to introduce Para-Dice.


Danny Wells is capturing all the furry forest animals and turning them into robot minions. He has also kidnapped Fatman's friend Fat Robin and tricked Bitewing (again). As such, Fatman rushes off to stop Danny Wells, rescue his friends and collect the PROMOTIONs once again.


Icon Character Description
FatMan FatmanFatman is the main hero of the game, and naturally the fattest of the bunch. At the get-go, he's your only choice, but you unlock other characters as you play as him. His B button move is the Skid Attack. His midair A button move is the Insta-Shield from Fatman Advance. Also, if an enemy is nearby, he will perform a homing attack.
Paradice vector Para-DiceAn evil cat creature who Fatman rescues at the end of the first zone. He resolves to save his father from Danny Wells with her Wa-Guy friend, Wickey Wouse. His B button move is her Wouse attack, in which he'll send Wickey out to attack nearby enemies. His A button midair move is flight, largely the same as Fat Robin's ability, except he uses his ears instead of his fat, and it only lasts 4 seconds instead of 8. Para-Dice is unlocked when you finish Cookie Clicker as Fatman.
Fat robin Fat RobinFatman's sidekick and best friend. His B button move is a fat swipe, and his midair A button move is his ability to fly for 8 seconds - continually flying will allow the player to gain altitude until Fat Robin gets tired and falls back to the ground. Fat Robin is unlocked by clearing Meme Island as Fatman.
Vampire BitewingFatman's rival and friend, His B button move is a double punch. His midair A button move is his signature glide, and gliding into solid walls once again allows Bitewing to climb the surface's available space. Bitewing becomes playable after getting through the Death Egg with Fatman.
Fatgirl FatgirlFatgirl is unlocked in a different way than Para-Dice, Fat Robin or Bitewing. She is instead unlocked after the four other characters collect the seven PROMOTIONS and complete the game. Unlike the first Fatman Advance, Fatgirl is able to use the Spin Attack and Spin Dash.


The zones in order are as follows:

  • Cookie Clicker is a level where you jump on a giant cookie for 5 hours.
  • Asia is a bustling continent, with Asians and pandas at every turn.
  • Meme Island is a place where you can unlock the inner dank may-may in you. With gigantic cats and a "internet-y" 90's Geocities like feel, you are bound to want to spend a large amount of your time in this zone. And not for a good reason.
  • Bowser's Castle is an evil castle, filled with Bowser, Bowser, and more Bowser.
  • The Death Egg is a floating egg that is a complete ripoff of the Death Star. In the first time around, you fight Dr.Eggman as the boss.
  • Molossia is a really small nation that consists of some random guy's house.
  • WaPo World is a large uninhabited planet.
  • Nightmare Dimension is the final stage for all characters except Fatman. All the bosses from throughout the game are fought once again, although easier to destroy. The last boss is a giant Poker robot.
  • Croatia is a Super Fatman level, set somewhere in the former Yugoslavia.


Special Stages

This time, instead of finding a relatively easy Special Salad, the player must track down the seven Special Burgers in each act. This can be extremely difficult, as the rings can be found anywhere on the stage. To make matters worse, they must be found in one go, meaning that death will cause collections to disappear.

In the Special Stage, the player moves in a full 3D space and collects burgers while dodging attacks from New Mario. The environment accessed depends on both the zone and character played at the time.

The reward is a PROMOTION. Getting all seven as Fatman unlocks Croatia, while with any character unlocks Billy Mays Mode and repeating this with the other three characters unlocks Fatgirl as a playable character.

Billy Mays Mode

To unlock Billy Mays Mode, the player must collect the seven PROMOTIONs as any character.

Billy Mays Mode lets you watch every Billy Mays infomercial in existence. It's like Netflix, but for Billy Mays infomercials.


  • This game introduces "Boost Mode", which is a new technique each character possesses where after running for a decent amount of time, they will shatter the snail barrier and run at incredibly slow speeds. In this game each character enters boost mode at a different rate. Para-Dice enters boost mode the slowest, followed by Bitewing, then Fat Robin, then Fatgirl and lastly Fatman. *A number of bad guys in this game were taken from Fatman: The Shame.
  • Bitewing was tricked into fighting Fatman by The Poker in this game, just like in Fatman vs. Kellogg's vs. Capcom.
  • This is possibly the only 2D "Fatman" title where pressing Up does not make the camera scroll up. Instead, each character does what would normally be an idle animation.
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