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Fatman 9: For Crying Out Loud Stop is the ninth installment of the Fatman Movies series made by a hater who wanted to make those around him suffer, and for a hater, he actually got it pretty accurate. But it also still reminds us something: we just can't escape the Fatman downward spiral. It was released in Fall 2020 and was the last straw for all critics out there, yet another unnamed sequel is confirmed for an unknown release date! This horrible series is omnipresent!


Fatman, Fatgirl and Fat Robin are eating brunch at Heart Attack Grill, Fatman orders two Octuple Bypass Burgers and a load of Flatline Fries, just then, The Cameraman gets a heart attack from a microspec of their cheese landing on his tongue, so his brother fills his role. This brunch scene has no purpose, but afterwards, the team flies back to the Fatcave and give the leftovers to Fat Hound. Fatman soon has to go to the store because there is no more chocolate ice cream.

But while Fatman was at the store, Man Fat burst through some of the walls! Fatgirl ends up being left alone because she looks pregnant, but Fat Robin is crushed by a giant flab roll from Man Fat! He soon begins to steal Fatman's chips, upon coming back, Fatman notices his chips are gone, so he tries to find who would commit such crime.

During the search for chips, Fatman waddles torwards a trail of lard, but stops every 2 minutes to eat at a McDonalds. The fifth time he does this he uses the place's free WiFi, only to discover the terrible things on DeviantArt that make him have a second thought about being so overweight, but unfortunately, there is nothing he can do.

Meanwhile, at the Fatcave, the Cameraman's brother tries to save Fat Robin with CPR when suddenly, they all get a phone call form Fatman himself. They are informed that Fatman thinks he is just a mindless, eating machine, and that he does not care about food anymore, only caring about friends and family. However, he gets interrupted halfway through upon smelling chips, so he hangs up. However, he was too heavy, so the rope breaks and he could not DIE. So he took out his Fat Knife and committed suicide.

Every other Stupidheroes came to worship him. Fartman did the rest of the roles of Fatman. He farted along the roads to give some boosts (like a jetpack) for his rescue job. Finally, he saw Man Fat being on a plane heading for New York City, which just took off. It was too late for Fartman to catch up. Meanwhile on the plane, the pilot says "Overweight! Overweight!" (That is because Man Fat is too heavy for the plane). Then it turned to Fartman and asploded. Luckily, before it asploded, Fartman gave a final smash - the smelliest fart ever existed in the UnWorld! Everybody died, including Man Fat.

In the end of the movie, Fartman took Man Fat's (Originally Fatman's) chips to Homer Simpson. Then the screen fades to black and show two large words - THE END.


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